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Midland Tool

Weld Test Facilities

Time wasted during an important project is something you simply can’t afford. These portable, all-in-one facilities give your crew the ability to power up, hook up and weld on demand. No time lost testing or training off-site, or moving between make shift welding booths scattered across the job-site. Each station comes equipped with:

  • Miller® XMT® 350 Field Pro inverter welder
  • Wire feeder
  • LED lighting
  • Exhaust fan
  • Mixed gas lines
  • Argon inlet with dual drops for purging
  • Grinder holder
  • Welding table

8 Station Trailer

This 53 foot trailer houses eight weld test stations, and comes with stairs, a safety gate, an office, and two primary power inlets (480/3 Phase, 100 Amp).

3 Station Connex

This 20 foot shipping container houses three fully loaded weld test stations, and is powered by one primary power inlet (480/3 Phase, 100 Amp).

Welder Testing

Quality Check at the Weld Table

Quality control equipment is stored on the weld table, which is located at the entrance of each unit. Each weld table includes one:

  • Coupon Bender
  • Bench Grinder
  • Tungsten Grinder
  • 300 lb Rod Oven