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Tractel Griphoist Tirfor® Wire Rope Hoist, 8,000 LB Capacity

Item # TU-32 Category

The griphoist®/tirfor® lifting and pulling hoist is safe, reliable and efficient. Suitable for many applications, the griphoist®/tirfor® is a lever-operated wire rope hoist using a separate wire rope.

The griphoist®/tirfor® can replace conventional winches and other hoists for many applications. Best uses are when doing long pulls or when requirements call for increasing capacity. It is possible for lifting and pulling applications to increase the capacity of the griphoist®/tirfor® by using multiple sheave blocks without the user being directly in front of load.

  • Portable
  • Fast and easy installation and use
  • Works in any position: horizontal, vertical, or angled
  • Unlimited length of wire rope
  • High mechanical advantage
  • Equipped with overload shear pins
  • Increase the nominal capacity with multiple sheave block
  • Simple to feed in or remove wire rope
  • Continuous operation without jerking
  • Reduced maintenance by simple cleaning and regular lubrication
  • Changeover from forward to reverse operation by transferring the operating handle from one lever to another
  • High mechanical advantage
  • Both ranges will operate in the most difficult conditions or rough construction environments
  • Whether lifting or lowering, the load is permanently controller with the utmost precision; when the operation stops, the load is distributed on two jaw blocks
  • Safety device to prevent overloading
  • TU range approved for man-riding applications
Material Handling Capacity

8000 lbs

Man-Riding Capacity

6000 lbs

Approx. Speed Per Minute

5 fpm

Wire Rope Weight

30 ft

Wire Rope Diameter


Wire Rope Breaking Strength

40000 lbs


27" L x 13" W x 6-1/8" D

Handle Ext. / Closed

Closed Length: 26"
Extended Length: 45"


59.5 lbs