Sumner Roust-A-Bouts, 15 ft & 25 ft

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The Sumner Roust-A-Bout enables one man to lift and place loads in tight locations that would be impossible with other lifts. The flexible Roust-A-Bout not only makes the job possible, it can pay for itself in days by reducing job time!

  • This dependable lift can raise a 1,500 lb load to heights up to 25 feet in minutes
  • Loads can be lowered below floor level with the Roust-A-Bout’s unique design
  • Large 8″ casters permit a fully loaded Roust-A-Bout to position pipe or beams with ease
  • Wider loads up to 1,000 lbs can be handled with the addition of Sumner’s Tee Head Extension Bar
  • The Roust-A-Bout eliminates the need for many other tools such as come alongs, scaffolds, monorails, and swing booms
  • Moves vertically and horizontally
  • 2 Winches: operate load and mast elevation separately
  • 4-speed load winches
  • Infinite load height adjustment
  • Mast and base separate quickly for EASY transport
  • Load pulley shear pin (PN 780192) offers overload protection
SKU Model # Capacity Max Lifting Height Max Height Weight Dimensions Accessories
R-1501,500 lbs15 ft15 ft 2-1/2"336 lbsChart in photo galleryNone
R-2501,500 lbs25 ft25 ft 3/8"493 lbsChart in photo galleryR-250 Tee-Head Extension Bar