Road Shows

Looking for new equipment? Our product demo trailer offers on-site equipment testing and training, minimizing time spent away from important work. It’s managed by our Product Specialist who has extensive knowledge on the rental product we stock. Even after your demo session concludes, support from our Product Specialist is continually available making sure you have everything you need for success on your jobsite.

Scheduling a visit with our Product Specialist will:

  • Keep you aware of new, safe & efficient equipment
  • Allow you to see equipment in action before purchasing
  • Help you decide which equipment is right for your application

Customize your product demonstration today!

Customize Your Demo

Our Demo Trailer is typically stocked with the below equipment, but we can customize inventory to meet your needs or brand preferences:

  • Safety Equipment
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Power Tools
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Gas Detection Equipment
  • Rental Welders

We can also schedule vendors to accompany us, including:

  • Milwaukee
  • Metabo
  • Guardian Fall Protection