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RIDGID® STRUTSLAYR™ Strut Shear Head Kit w/ 13/16″ & 1-5/8″ Dies

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The RIDGID® STRUTSLAYR™ delivers fab shop quality, burr-free strut channel cuts on the jobsite in 5 seconds or less. Compatible with RIDGID 32kN press tools, the STRUTSLAYR strut cutter offers a clean, consistent cut with a simple pull of a trigger: no grinding or sawing sparks!

  • Compatible with RIDGID RP 340 ProPress Tool
  • Not compatible with RIDGID 320-E or CT-400
  • Increased Efficiency:  Clean, consistent cuts in 5 seconds or less
  • Safe Operation:  No grinding or sawing sparks
  • Portable:  Easy to move around the job-site and mounts to RIDGID TRISTANDs
  • Built-In Measuring Guide:  Allows accuracy on the job-site


For Use With

RIDGID 32kN press tools
including the RP 340


Not for use with stainless steel strut
Strut Channel

Cutting Capability

Up to 12 ga 1-5/8" x 1-5/8" strut channel to the MFMA-4 Standard
Up to 12 ga 1-5/8" x 13/16" strut channel to the MFMA-4 Standard

Cut Squareness

+/- 2° (Strut must extend past strut support)


1-5/8" Die Shear
13/16" Die Shear
Strutslayr Head