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RIDGID RT3422 Tapping Tool

Item # RT3422 Category

The Model RT3422 is designed for branching pressurized water, steam and natural gas mains. With up to 2″ capacity, corrosion-proof design, ability to handle most types of material and lightweight, the Model RT3422 is the tool to meet your tapping needs.

  • Easy to Use:  At only 21″, this lightweight and compact tool is great for tight quarters and awkward locations.
  • Heavy-Duty Design:  Sturdy machined, corrosion-resistant materials for dependable lifelong benefits.
  • Built-in bleed valve allows for easy purge of chips.
  • Independent cutter feed gives the operator total independent control of the cutter feed rotation for optimal saw life.
  • Taps a variety of materials including steel, cast iron, ductile iron and plastic pipe.
  • Versatile: The RT3422 is capable of tapping mains of water up to 500 psig and steam, air and natural gas up to 150 psig.
  • Coupon Retaining Bits:  Exclusive pilot bits give you the confidence that the coupon will not be dropped in the pipe, preventing medium contamination or possible damage of downstream equipment.

3/4" – 2"


Welded Nipple

Cutter Travel



Air ratchet
Hand ratchet
Right angle drill

Cutter Feed

Rotation of sleeve around an Acme threaded barrel


air and natural Gas
150 psig @ 370°F
Water: 500 psig @ 100°F