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Miller Big Blue® 450 Duo CST Diesel Welder / Generator

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The Big Blue® 450 Duo CST is a rugged, compact, fuel efficient diesel welder/generator that provides 2 superior arcs in one economical package.

  • Multi-function fuel gauge:  Displays fuel level and engine hours, and can be customized to set oil change interval reminders.  In the case of high coolant temperature, low oil pressure, or low fuel level, the engine will shut don to prevent damage or make restarting easier.
  • Adaptive Hot Start™ For Stick Arc Starts:  Automatically increases the output of a weld should the start require it.  Prevents the electrode from sticking and creating an inclusion.
  • Remote Amperage Control:  Provided through 14-pin receptacle on front of the machine, and permits use of standard and wireless remote amperage control devices.



Maintenance and Repair
Pipe Fabrication / Construction

Power Type



Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)
Stick (SMAW)

Weldable Metals

Stainless Steel

Carbon Diameter

Rated: 3/16" (paralleled)

Welding Mode

CC/DC (Stick/TIG)

Output Mode

Paralleled (combined)
Separate (dual outputs)

Weld Output Range

Paralleled: 10-450 A
Separate: 5-225 A (each side); 5-280 A (one side only)

Weld Output at 122° F

Paralleled: 350 A
27 VDC
100% Duty Cycle
Separate: 175 A
27 VDC
100% Duty Cycle

Max Open Circuit Voltage


Gen. Power Rated at 122° F

1-Phase: 10000 watts
120/240 VAC
60 Hz continuous
3-Phase: 12000 watts
240 VAC
60 Hz continuous

Sound Levels at 23 Ft

72.2 dB

Engine Model

Mitsubishi S4L2

# Engine Cylinders


Engine Type

EPA Tier 4 Final Compliant
Liquid-cooled industrial diesel


24.7 HP

Weld Speed

1800 RPM

Fuel Capacity

11.5 gal

Oil Capacity

6.3 qt

Coolant Capacity

10 qt

Standard Shutdowns

High coolant temperature
Low fuel
Low oil pressure


32" H x 26-1/4" W x 56" L


1064 lbs (without fuel)


Optional Trailer Mount

Miller Big Blue® 450 Duo CST Diesel Welder / Generator

If you’re searching for a generator welder that combines power, efficiency, and reliability, look no further than the Miller Big Blue 450 Duo CST Diesel Welder Generator, available at Superior Tool Rental. This state-of-the-art piece of Miller welding equipment is engineered to meet the demanding needs of professional welders, making it an excellent choice for those in construction, fabrication, and maintenance industries.

Unmatched Performance and Power

The Miller Big Blue 450 Duo CST Diesel Welder Generator is known for its exceptional performance and power output. Equipped with a robust diesel engine, this generator welder delivers a steady and reliable power source for all your welding needs. Whether you’re working on heavy-duty projects or require a consistent power supply on a remote job site, the Miller Big Blue 450 ensures you have the energy you need without interruption.

Dual Welding Capabilities

One of the standout features of the Miller Big Blue 450 Duo CST is its dual welding capabilities. This versatile machine can handle two welding applications simultaneously, increasing productivity and efficiency on the job. With dual welding outputs, you can tackle multiple tasks without needing additional equipment, saving time and reducing the hassle of switching between different welding machines.

Durability and Reliability

Miller welders are renowned for their durability, and the Big Blue 450 Duo CST is no exception. Built with high-quality materials and designed to withstand harsh working conditions, this welder generator is a reliable companion for any professional welder. Its rugged construction ensures longevity, providing a dependable solution that you can count on for years to come.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a critical factor when it comes to welding equipment, and the Miller Big Blue 450 excels in this area. Its advanced diesel engine is designed to maximize fuel economy, reducing operating costs and minimizing environmental impact. This efficiency not only saves money but also ensures that you can work longer hours without needing frequent refueling.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Ease of operation and maintenance is another highlight of the Miller Big Blue 450 Duo CST. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it simple to operate, even for those new to Miller welding equipment. Additionally, routine maintenance is straightforward, thanks to easily accessible components and clear maintenance guidelines provided by Miller.


The versatility of the Miller Big Blue 450 Duo CST Diesel Welder Generator makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. From heavy industrial welding tasks to construction and repair work, this generator welder is up to the challenge. It’s particularly well-suited for fieldwork where a reliable power source is crucial, ensuring that you can complete your projects efficiently and effectively.

Why Choose Miller Welding Equipment?

Miller welders are synonymous with quality and innovation in the welding industry. When you choose the Miller Big Blue 450 Duo CST, you’re investing in a piece of equipment that embodies the brand’s commitment to excellence. Superior Tool Rental is proud to offer this top-of-the-line welder generator, providing you with the tools you need to succeed in your welding endeavors.


In summary, the Miller Big Blue 450 Duo CST Diesel Welder Generator is an outstanding choice for professionals seeking a powerful, efficient, and reliable generator welder. Its dual welding capabilities, fuel efficiency, and rugged durability make it a valuable addition to any welding arsenal. Explore the superior quality of Miller welding equipment and elevate your welding projects with the Miller Big Blue 450 Duo CST, available now at Superior Tool Rental.

For more information and to rent the Miller Big Blue 450 Duo CST Diesel Welder Generator, visit Superior Tool Rental.