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Miller ArcReach® SuitCase® 12

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  • ArcReach® capabilities eliminate the time spent tracing weld cables hundreds of feet back to the power source because weld operators can make adjustments at the ArcReach wire feeder or remote.
  • Ultra-low Drag Inlet Guide Pins make loading the wire easy and does not deform the wire on the way into the drive rolls improving wire feeding performance.
  • Scaled Wire Pressure Knob provides easy adjustment and consistent pressure on the drive rolls and wire.
  • Digital Meters with SunVision™ Technology display voltage, wire feed speed, and also amperage if desired. Meters can be seen clearly even in direct sunlight.
  • 12VS model is sized for an 8- or 12-inch spool of wire. 12-inch spools are the most common in structural steel and fabrication.
  • Cable Length Compensation (CLC™) ensures that the voltage a weld operator sets is the voltage they get by automatically adjusting voltage based on weld cable length, even hundreds of feet away from the power source.



Heavy Manufacturing


Flux Cored (FCAW)

Input Power

Operates on open-circuit voltage and arc voltage: 14-48 VDC / 110 max. OCV

Input Weld Circuit Rating

425 A at 60% Duty Cycle

Wire Feed Speed

50-780 ipm (dependent on arc voltage)

Wire Type and Diameter

Flux-Cored: .030" – 5/64"
Solid Wire: .023" – .052"

Maximum Spool Size Capacity

12" / 45 lbs


15.5" H x 9" W x 21" D


35 lbs