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Magswitch MLAY600x4 Lifting Magnet

Item # 8100364 Category

Magswitch LAY series magnets utilize different size magnets to attain different field depths better suited for different part thicknesses. This allows for greater working loads and increased control over larger work pieces. The MLAY600x4 is a lightweight heavy-lifting magnet ideal for lifting thin sheet, beam, and pipe. It features a unique dual swivel hook design which improves load stability and allows lifting from horizontal to vertical. With customizable pole shoes to fit almost any application, the LAY series are great all-around tools perfect for picking curved pipe to flat plate.

  • Most powerful shallow-field lifter
  • Superior hold force on Thin steel (50mm shallow field)
  • Compact, light weight and easy actuation
  • Pivoting Hook allows lift from horizontal to vertical
  • Pole Shoes – replaceable for long life, or make custom shoes match to target
  • Lock on/off handle
  • Lifts flat plate or curved pipe
  • Superior performance in the presence of air gaps such as rust, paint and uneven surfaces
  • Better performance on thin steel
Nominal Max Breakaway Force

2217 lbs

Nominal Max Shear Force

441 lbs

Safe Working Load

739 lbs

Full Saturation Thickness


Min. Thickness for De-Stack


Magnetic Pole Footprint

8.78" x 2.80"


20.5 lbs

Material Thickness

Chart for material thickness / maximum force in Product Resources tab