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Greenlee® UT10 Ultra Tugger™ Cable Puller, 10,000 LB Capacity

Item # 6909 Category

The only 2 speed puller on the market that can shift from high speed/low load pulling to low speed/high load pulling with a simple double tap motion on the foot pedal control switch..

  • The no-load high speed is 16 ft/min and is best suited for loads up to 4000 lbs where the speed will be 12 ft/min
  • The no-load low speed is 9 ft/min and can be used on loads up to 8000 lbs where the speed will be 6 ft/min, or a momentary peak capacity of 10000 lbs
  • 2-Speed motor that delivers the fastest pulling time for all pulling needs over the widest (10000 LB) range
  • On-board force gauge provides visual communication of pulling force and speed changes
  • Quick speed change from high speed to low-speed by simply double tapping foot pedal
  • Removable foot pedal for convenience
  • Sets up in less than 2 minutes and can be used in every pulling situation

Cable Pulling and Low Load Pulling


15 Minutes On / 15 Minutes Off: 6500-8000 lbs (28.9-35.6 kN)
Continuous Operation: 0-6500 lbs (0-28.9 kN)
Momentary: 8000-10000 lbs (35.6-44.5 kN)