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Greenlee® FG01 G-Series Smart Pull Force Gauge

Item # FG01 Category
The Greenlee FG01 G-Series Smart Pull is a cable puller accessory intended to monitor the force developed when cable is pulled into conduit.  Monitoring pulls can help avoid over stressing cable, reducing the likelihood of  diminished transmission capabilities, fire hazard, rework, and liability.
  • Reduce liability by recording information with accuracy ensuring a healthy pull and peace of mind for the contractor.
  • Instant early warning alerts allows contractor to take timely action, avoiding rework.
  • Wirelessly monitor force, speed and distance through the entire pull.
  • Includes provisions for mounting of the Ultra Tugger® Cable Puller and the Ultra Tugger® boom and G6 Turbo® Puller.
    • In order to use the FG01 with other cable pullers, it must be installed to withstand the resistance of the rope rolling across the five rollers.
Power Supply

Up to 5aH Makita Battery

Pulling Force

Up to 10000 lbs

Pulling Rope

Up to 7/8" Diameter Double Braided

Voltage Rating


Onboard Memory



+/- 2%


25.5" L x 9.5" H x 8" W


34.2 lbs without case
52.2 lbs with case