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Dixon Boss™ Ground Joint Stems, Leak-Proof Seal

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  • Boss couplings are all-purpose hose couplings, universally recommended for steam hose connections. They are also widely used for air, water, fluid petroleum, chemicals and liquid petroleum gas up to 1″ ID.
  • Boss couplings can be applied to many types of rubber, synthetic, plastic, metallic or semi-metallic hose
  • Boss Ground Joint Complete couplings supply a convenient threaded fitting to connect two lengths of hose, or a single length to a male or female threaded outlet
  • Use with Boss Clamps
  • Recommended for steam service up to 450°F
  • Leak-proof seal forms when the metal head of the stem makes contact with the patented polymer seat in the Boss Ground Joint spud

Item # Material Size
GB16 Plated Iron 1-1/4"
GB21 Plated Iron 1-1/2"
GB26 Plated Iron 2"
GB31 Plated Iron 2-1/2"
GB36 Plated Iron 3"
GB46 Plated Iron 4"
GB66 Plated Iron 6"