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5 Pack Lincoln Flextec® 350X Welders 30 KVA Power Panel

Item # SP-30-5W-PR-1 Category Tag

Rack & Power Panel

  • Includes (5) Lincoln Flextec® 350X Welders
  • Includes (1) 480/3 Phase, 30 KVA power distribution panel
  • Mounted in a stainless steel, weather-tight enclosure with a viewing window
  • Mounted on a 4-wheel cart with swivel casters and 4 lifting lugs on the top corners

Lincoln Flextec® 350X Welders

Compact and portable 350A multi-process power source. Supports Stick, TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux-Cored, Gouging processes. Compatible with any input voltage 200-600V 1 or 3-phase.  Equipped with CrossLinc® technology, the Flextec 350X family of machines can be controlled from hundreds of feet away without expensive and inconvenient control cables. Desert Duty® and IP23 rated, they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and outperform other welders in their class.

  • SIMPLE • Simple interface for ease of use • CrossLinc technology automatically pairs the accessory with the power source and provides remote output control at the arc without additional remotes or cables[1] • PowerConnect technology automatically adjusts to the input voltage without the need for a manual reconnect[2]
  • RELIABLE • Lab tested, field proven ruggedness and durability • Engineered for outdoor use and harsh environments • IP23 rated for use in outdoor weather conditions • Desert Duty rated for operation at temperatures up to 55° C (131° F) • Trayed and potted PC boards to help withstand welding dust and humidity
  • FLEXIBLE • Multi-process power source for all your welding needs • Optimized stick welding for both cellulosic and low hydrogen electrodes • Compatible with CrossLinc, 42V analog, and digital feeders for GMAW and FCAW • ArcLink enabled to provide synergic pulse modes for reduced spatter, lower heat input, increased productivity, and improved quality [3] • Touch-Start TIG® for reducing contamination during starts without high frequency


Primary Voltage

480/3 phase
200 amp circuit breaker


30 KVA

Secondary Power

Distributes 120 and 208 V
100 amp
1 phase power

Duplex Receptacles

(10) 120 volt
20 amp Hubbell G.F.C.I. duplex receptacles with spring back
weather proof covers are provided on each side of the unit. All are connected to 20 amp G.F.C.I. circuit breakers.
For use with power tools and portable lighting

Twist Lock Receptacles

(2) 120/208 volt
50 amp Hubbell twist-lock receptacles with spring-back
weather proof covers are included for use with our SPB-6 portable power center.
Both are connected to 50 amp G.F.C.I. circuit breakers.

Power Center

(10) 120 V
20 amp
20A 1-pole G.F.C.I. circuit breakers protect each duplex receptacle

Cart Features

Roof has a 20° pitch for additional weather protection


UL Listed and NEMA 3R Certified


71.5" H x 59" W x 34" D


1535 lbs


(5) Pack Flextec® 350X Welders 30 KVA Power Panel