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Midland Tool

22,000 LB Capacity Double, Long Drum Air Tugger Unit with Auto Brake

Item # 22,000 LB Double Air Tugger Category
  • (2) 11,000 LB Long Drum Air Tuggers With Auto Brake, which can be used together or independently
  • Mounted on a Michigan Pneumatic Tool, Inc. Mounting Skid (MP-W100DD), which places one tugger at a higher level than the other.  The higher tugger allows the operator to pay in or pay out cable from each tugger without entanglement.




Single Tugger Capacity

11000 lbs

Combined Tugger Capacity

22000 lbs



Line Speed at Capacity

36 ft/min.

Cable Capacity

Combined Tuggers: 1640 ft of 3/4" or 1510 ft of 7/8"
Single Tugger: 820 ft of 3/4" or 755 ft of 7/8"

Air Inlet Thread


Hose Size


Air Consumption at 90 psi

636 cfm

Brake Type


Mount Safety Features

Protective screen for operator to sit behind while tuggers are in use


70" W x 95" L x 93" H


With 700 ft of 3/4" Rope: Approximately 8400 lbs
Without Rope: Approximately 7000 lbs