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Midland Tool

20″ Pneumatic Jet Fan

Item # TX-JF20 Category

This four-bladed vaneaxial fan is called a Jet Fan because a high-velocity jet of compressed air is ejected from the trailing edge of the blade. This results in the forward rotation of the fan wheel, just like a jet plane is pushed forward by the high-velocity jet of air ejected from the rear of the jet engine.

  • Operates on compressed air
  • Use for general ventilation in any location where compressed air is available
  • Suited for ventilation of tanks, process vessels, or other confined areas for the removal of hazardous fumes or contaminated air from welding, sandblasting and other operations
  • Rated operating pressure 40-110 PSI
  • Design allows for lower RPMs while still moving more air
  • Use as blower or exhauster
  • Heaviest-duty fan in the industry


Net Weight

95 lbs

Mounting Slot Diameter


Bolt Circle Diameter

20" *API


3/4" NPT


110 PSI

Air Consumption at 80 PSI

186 CFM

Total Air Output @ 60 PSI

7600 CFM

Total Air Output @ 80 PSI

9100 CFM