16 Ton Vertical Lifting Wedge, 0.83 in Lifting Height

Item # LW16
  • Hydraulic vertical lifting wedge has lifting force of 16 tons at 700 bar hydraulic pressure
  • Requires very small access gap of only 10 mm
  • Each step can spread under full load
  • Straight vertical lifting
  • Unique interlocking wedge design: no first step bending and risk of slipping out
  • Single-acting, spring return cylinder
  • Lifting wedge LW-16 includes safety block SB-2
  • Includes RC-Series Cylinder with CR-400 coupler


Max Operating Pressure

10,000 psi

Max Spread

0.83 in

Power Source


Max Lifting Force

16 ton

Spreading Force

16 ton


16 ton


0.83 in

Min Clearance Gap

0.39 in

Max Lift Per Stage


Max Lifting Height

2.02 in
Using Stepped Block: 2.72 in

Tip Clearance

0.39 in

Oil Capacity

4.75 in³


Chart in photo gallery


15.4 lbs