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Midland Tool

On-Site Tool Trailers

With the help of our On-Site Tool Trailers, Superior Tool and Rental can provide even the largest construction projects with immediate access to the tools and supplies that fit your exact needs. In addition, our trailers offer you with a wide range of customizable inventory, 24/7 on-site access, and an inventory management system with unlimited users.

Just like our warehouse, our tool trailers are exceptionally organized. Each is equipped with:

  • Efficient shelving and stackable plastic bins
  • Clearly labeled bin locations
  • A spacious worktable
  • E-track hanger posts for air hose whips, stingers, grounds, and slings
  • A workstation with a cellular enabled iPad and SDS sheets

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Inventory Management

Our tool trailers are equipped with barcoding and inventory replenishment software, which can be accessed via a cellular enabled iPad at the workstation. Our software increases efficiency, accuracy, and reporting on the job-site by providing:

  • Barcode and QR scanning of products as they are pulled from the shelves
  • Immediate inventory updating
  • Instant processing of inventory replenishment requests, ensuring prompt restocking
  • Bin mapping for quick product location
  • Searchable inventory
  • Product photos
  • App compatibility with iOS or Android-enabled smartphones
  • Customizable expense reporting, including categorizes for issuer, shift, product category, trade, and sub-contractor
  • Automatic reporting forwarding via email to anyone you chose for any date range
  • User friendly interface