Weld Test Connex

Item # Weld Test Connex

Our Weld Test Connex is a converted shipping container that houses three fully loaded welding stations. To properly facilitate weld training and testing, each station includes:

  • (1) Miller® XMT® 350 Field Pro inverter welder
  • (1) wire feeder
  • (1) exhaust fan
  • (1) argon inlet with dual drops for purging
  • (1) grinder holder
  • (1) welding table
  • (1) welding curtain
  • LED lighting
  • And mixed gas lines

The Connex also features a front work station with a 300 lb rod oven, a coupon bender, one bench grinder, one tungsten grinder, and a chain vise.

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Number of Welding Stations


Weld Station Features

(1) Argon Inlet w/Dual Drops f/Purging
(1) Compressed Air Line
(1) Exhaust Fan
(1) Fume Extractor
(1) MIG Feeder
(1) Miller XMT 350 FieldPro Welder
(1) Weld Table
An Miller XMT FieldPro at Every Station
LED Lighting
Mixed Gas Lines

Front Counter Features

300 LB Rod Oven
Bench Grinder
Coupon Bender
Tungsten Grinder


Height: 100"
Length: 238"
Width: 8 ft

Weld Test Connex Brochure