TPMW-10000 9700 PSI Hydrostatic Test Pump

Item # TPMW-10000

Introducing the newest version of the PDQC-1000 pneumatic hydro-static test pump, the TPMW-1000, which is dubbed the “Middle Weight” test pump.  The PDQC-1000 was re-designed with your safety in mind.  It’s new design also reduces costly unit repairs and extends the life of the pump.

  • All ports are located on the back panel for safe operation, in addition to a chart recorder
  • Built-in pressure relief valve to avoid over pressurizing the system
  • Built-in block valve to isolate your test and extend the pump life


SKU Max Pressure Volume at 100 CFM Pressure Ratio Max CFM Required* Max Air Required
9700 PSI1.00 GPM97 to 156 CFM100 PSI