14 Ton Flange Spreader

Item # FSH-1

  • Applies 14 tons of maximum spread force
  • Stepped arm design.  Each step can spread under full load and only requires .24″ access gap.
  • Can be used in tandem with split-flow manifold
  • Max. Spread:  2-5/8″
  • Max. Speed with Stepped Blocks:  3-1/2″
SKU Flange Spreader Type Max Spreading Force Tip Clearance Maximum Spread
Stepped Arm Hydraulic14 tons.24"2-5/8" (3-1/2" with stepped blocks)

Flange Spreader Setup

Lightweight hand pump with 6′ or 10′ hose used with the 14 ton hydraulic flange spreader

Stepped Blocks (Item # FSB-1)

Use Stepped Blocks (FSB-1) to increase wedge opening up to 3-1/2″