Enerpac 50 Ton Heavy Duty Hydraulic Punch

Item # SP-50

  • Double-acting cylinder design for fast cycle times
  • Lifting handle for easy carrying
  • Adjustable power stripper prevents movement of the metal during stripping
  • CR-400 female coupler included
  • Standard Punch and Die Sets are listed in the “Product Resources” tab

50 tons

Hole Sizes

0.53 – 1.03 inches

Max Operating Pressure

10,000 psi

Hole Shape


Cylinder Return Type

Double Acting, Hydraulic Return

Oil Capacity Advance

17 in³

Oil Capacity Retract

14 in³


Standard Punch & Die Sets are listed in the "Product Resources" tab


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255 lbs

SP-35 Standard Punch & Die Sets

Item #ShapeHole SizeBolt SizeMaximum Allowable Material Thickness to be Punched
Steel Qualities (use numbers to reference Steel Qualities list on the right)1234567891011
SP-313.31 in1/4 in.31 in.31 in.25 in.25 in.25 in.25 in.13 in.19 in.25 in.25 in.25 in
SP-375.38 in5/16 in.38 in.38 in.31 in.31 in.31 in.31 in.19 in.25 in.31 in.31 in.31 in
SP-438.44 in3/8 in.44 in.44 in.38 in.38 in.38 in.31 in.19 in.31 in.31 in.31 in.31 in
SP-531.53 in7/16 in.50 in.50 in.44 in.44 in.44 in.38 in.25 in.31 in.38 in.38 in.38 in
SP-563.56 in1/2 in.50 in.50 in.50 in.44 in.50 in.44 in.25 in.38 in.44 in.44 in.44 in
SP-688.69 in5/8 in.50 in.50 in.50 in.44 in.50 in.40 in.25 in.31 in.40 in.40 in.40 in
SP-781.78 in-.50 in.50 in.50 in.44 in.40 in.38 in.25 in.31 in.38 in.39 in.38 in
SP-813.81 in3/4 in.50 in.50 in.50 in.44 in.50 in.31 in.19 in.31 in.31 in.31 in.31 in

Steel Qualities

  1. Mild A-7
  2. Boiler Plate
  3. Structural A-36
  4. Struct Corten (ASTM A242)
  5. Cold Rolled C-1018
  6. Hot Rolled C-1050
  7. Hot Rolled C-1095
  8. Hot Rolled C-1095 Annealed
  9. Stainless Annealed
  10. Stainless 304 Hot Rolled
  11. Stainless 316 Cold Rolled