Super Heavy Duty Cutting Nibbler

Item # N1000-0

  • Powerful nibbler for cutting thick plate
  • Can cut 90 degree bends
  • 2-speed gear for optimum cutting performance in high tensile materials and longer tool life
  • Easily cuts edges, weldments and double sheets, regardless of angle
    suitable for cutting tanks and containers
  • 2 way adjustable “all-around grip” enables optimum handling in two-hand operation
  • Adjusts to 4 cutting directions
SKU Cuts Mild Steel Cuts Stainless Steel Cuts Aluminum Gear 1 Cutting Speed Gear 2 Cutting Speed Minimum Radius Weight
Up to 0.375"Up to 0.276"Up to 0.500"Gear 1: 3.25 ft/minGear 2: 5.25 ft/min16"32 lbs
Super heavy duty cutting nibbler has a 2-speed motor for optimum performance in any application