Bernard™ PipeWorx 350 A, 15 FT MIG Gun

Item # 195 400

As the preferred hand-held MIG gun and consumable manufacturer of Miller, Bernard is proud to provide its durable and innovative products for use with Miller® wire feeders and machines. Each Bernard product is versatile, dependable and built with the goal in mind of improving your welding productivity and performance.

The Bernard Q-Gun™ with a tapered tip and nozzle is recommended for root pass welding, especially in fixed-position applications where visibility is difficult. Switch to a standard tip and nozzle for fill and cap pass welding with flux-cored or pulsed MIG welding processes. This allows one gas and one wire to make the weld.

  • Can be used for MIG, pulsed MIG, and flux-cored
  • Compact, lightweight gun with high-amperage capability reduces operator fatigue improving productivity
  • The combination of tapered tips and nozzles and 60-degree neck provides excellent visibility on root passes in pipe joints
  • Provides “drop-in” tip with no threads providing quick changeover. No tools are required
  • Included with Miller® ArcReach® Smart Feeder rental (Item # 951733)

Heavy Manufacturing


Flux Cored (FCAW)
Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)

Rated Output

350 A

Gas Type

80% Argon / 20% CO₂
CO₂ Gas

CO₂ Duty Cycle

100% Duty Cycle CE: 320 A
100% Duty Cycle NEMA: 350 A
35% Duty Cycle CE: 470 A
60% Duty Cycle CE: 370 A

Argon/CO₂ Duty Cycle

100% Duty Cycle CE: 270 A
100% Duty Cycle NEMA: –
35% Duty Cycle CE: 390 A
60% Duty Cycle CE: 310 A


60° Rotatable Neck

Cable Length

15 ft


10 lbs