1″ Drive 0-1000 ft lbs Plain Manual Torque Wrench

Item # #10005LDFN
SKU Torque Range Drive Head Style No. of Ext. Handles Length Weight
0-1000 ft. lbs1"Plain174"30 lbs

Manual Torque Wrench Testing Procedure

While our manual torque wrench tester is not available for rent, we do provide and follow guidelines for testing torque.


When torquing it is common to tighten only one bolt at a time. This can result in Point Loading and Load Scatter. To avoid this, torque is applied in stages following a prescribed pattern:

  1. Spanner tight ensuring that 2 – 3 threads extend above nut.
  2. Tighten each bolt to one-third of the final required torque following the pattern as shown above.
  3. Increase the torque to two-thirds following the pattern shown above.
  4. Increase the torque to full torque following the pattern shown above.
  5. Perform one final pass on each bolt working clockwise from bolt 1, at the full final torque