Mobile Bolting Van




We offer a complete and onsite mobile bolting experience for all brands, nationwide.  To schedule a mobile bolting van visit, contact your sales representative or our customer service team at 877.446.4352.  Our onsite bolting services include:

  • Demonstration
  • Setup
  • Troubleshooting & assistance
  • Repair
  • Calibration
  • Certification


We can calibrate, test, repair, certify, and demonstration all of the following equipment:

  • Manual torque wrenches
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches (square drives & cassettes)
  • Pneumatic & electric wrenches


Our mobile bolting specialist can provide onsite training and consultation.  This includes:

  • Tool specific training
  • General training on best practices for safe & efficient use
  • Solutions and tool recommendations for your specific application